About ExceLingo

ExceLingo's mission is to be the world's leading provider of language learning applications for mobile phones. Our goal is to revolutionize the global language learning market through the use of advanced language acquisition methods and cutting-edge mobile technology, allowing users to learn a language, anytime, anyplace – faster than ever before.

At ExceLingo we believe that learning a new language not only benefits individuals but helps promote healthy communication globally. To this end, we will reinvest in projects supporting peaceful communication between nations. The easier it is for humans to communicate in their native tongue - the quicker and more peacefully conflicts can be resolved. And what better way to achieve this goal than by learning a language on the go!

Our Team

ExceLingo was co-founded by a team of dynamic, energetic and idealistic entrepreneurs who believe that better communication makes for a better world. Each has demonstrated excellence in his chosen field.

Micha Y. Breakstone - CEO, Founder
Cognitive Scientist and Linguist (Hebrew University / MIT)

Amichai Rothman - Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder
Senior software engineer, 12 years of experience in software management and development

Gidon Melmed - VP Business Development, Co-Founder
MBA (Swinburne University), with experience in business development and fundraising specializing in sustainable development

Saar Kedem - VP Product, Co-Founder
Celebrated designer with work appearing across major media channels

Board of Advisors

Morris Beton
CEO at Noetix - a 175 employee Business Intelligence software company with global operations (2003-Present), VP at Microsoft (2002), experienced high technology exec with consistent success delivering outstanding results

Dr. Yoad Winter
Assoc. Professor of Formal and Computational Linguistics at the Utrecht Institute of Linguistics (Utrecht University), considered an international authority in both linguistics and Natural Language Processing

Joseph Jaffe
Renowned new-media marketing & consumer strategy expert and entrepreneur

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