ExceLingo is the only company currently offering a full, standalone language course designed specifically for mobile platforms.

A quick, simple and easy to use interface ensures you'll be able to begin learning a language within minutes, and enjoy it thoroughly.

ExceLingo's multi-platform application runs on the latest generation of mobile phones, including: iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android and other popular devices.

Each lesson is essentially an enhanced 10-minute application-driven multimedia session, guiding the learner with both audio and visual stimuli.

Karaoke-style text syncing increases long-term retention of acquired language skills and makes the application more fun and engaging.

The lessons can also be played on PCs and Macs, or played in audio-only mode to allow for learning while engaged in other activities such as jogging or riding the subway.

Developed by a celebrated team of engineers and designers - our application is simply a delightful and entertaining experience!

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