Designed specifically for mobile platforms, ExceLingo's cutting-edge language teaching system is the first system that truly allows one to learn a language on the go.

Whether you’re traveling on the subway, working out in the gym, or just have a few quiet minutes to enjoy – if you’ve got your mobile with you, you’ve got ExceLingo: The most convenient mobile language learning system, specifically designed to teach you quickly and on your terms.

ExceLingo is scheduled to launch several language applications in the near future, starting with the Spanish and Hebrew languages and followed by additional ones, both major and niche.

ExceLingo. Learn a language on the go.

Ancient tongue. Modern technology. Common language.

ExceLingo is developing a Hebrew language learning application for mobile phones, capitalizing on groundbreaking language acquisition methodology with cutting edge technology - HebrewsCool.

The teaching method developed by ExceLingo and implemented in HebrewsCool has been endorsed by Ulpan La-Inyan – a leading Jerusalem-based Hebrew language center.

HebrewsCool - The Definitive Mobile Hebrew Course.

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