Based on expertise in linguistics and cognitive science, ExceLingo methodology presents a true breakthrough in language learning.

The teaching method developed by ExceLingo utilizes a natural assimilation effect triggered by interwoven auditory and visual stimuli followed by guided production and repetition.

Our groundbreaking language acquisition approach utilizes multiple brain faculties synergistically, allowing an average individual to obtain basic command of a new language in as little as one month.

Mobiles are the ideal platform for implementing this approach – enabling compact, efficient and entertaining lessons - any time, any place.

Each lesson is 10 minutes long, engaging the learner in short conversations starting from the very first lesson. The lessons build on each other to achieve quick progress while consolidating the knowledge obtained in previous lessons to ensure long-term retention.

Building on recent developments in theoretical linguistics, our system maximizes learning by balancing the unique lexical, syntactic and semantic aspects of both the source and target languages, facilitating basic command of a new language in as little as one month.

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